These are the dedicated team that makes Allestree Netball Club a success

Swifts – (DANA League Division 1-Monday, Rolls Royce Senior League-Thursday) Coach – Paul Hardy - Manager – Ellie Rowley

Eagles – (Yardley Senior League A-Tuesday) Coach – Kereen Turner - Manager – Debbie Moore

Ospreys – (Yardley Senior League A - Tuesday) Coach – Georgie Rowley - Manager – Nicki Hodgkinson

Kestrels - (Yardley Junior League 1-Tuesday & U16 Regional League-Sunday) Coach – Ellie Rowley- Manager – Alex Rowley

Hawks – (Yardley Junior League 1 -Tuesday) Coach – Kereen Turner- Manager - Debbie Moore

Starlings – (Yardley Junior League 2-Tuesday & U14 Regional league - Sunday) Coach – Paul Hardy Manager – Josie Nicholson

Swallows – (Junior League Division 2-Tuesday & U14 Regional League - Sunday) Coach – Mary James - Manager – Sam Cotton

Kites – (Yardley Junior Division 3-Tuesday) Coach – Shelley Bull - Manager – Kate Morris

Doves – (Yardley Junior League 4-Tuesday) Coach – Kelly Samuel - Manager – Kaiya Samuel

All coaches and Managers at Allestree Netball Club are dedicated volunteers, who give their spare time to the club so that young people can enjoy their sport and their friends in the best possible way and in a safe environment.